The main window

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The main window

Post by sexy96 » Sun Sep 20, 2020 2:27 pm

When I change the position and size of the main window after restarting,
it looks like it did before the change.

Where does Poptray save the position and size of the main window?

PopTrayU 5.2.9

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Re: The main window

Post by Rdsok » Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:41 pm

That would depend on what version of Windows you are running and what options you selected when installing PoptrayU.

Typically on a Windows 10 when you selected the default per user installation... the settings for that will be in the Poptray.ini file located at ??\UserData\Roaming\PoptrayU folder... the UserData folder is a hidden folder found in each user data folder ( like where you'd find your documents etc ) so you'd need to enable the option to see hidden files in Windows to find it. If you didn't set to show file extentions ( highly recommended ), look for the files described as configuration settings. You can edit it with any text only editor but not any word processor that applies formatting, like MS Word, to a document.

You can avoid manually editing it by running PoptrayU as an admin user instead of the standard user which Windows will typically run it as. This is one of the security features of Windows 10 and is actually unrelated to the programs you've gotten installed.

( Works for any program, not just PoptrayU ) Make sure PoptrayU is closed and not just hidden in the system tray, then right click on the shortcut or program file, select "Run as Administrator" listed in the pop up menu. Adjust or resize to your liking... and then again fully close PoptrayU. The next time you open it it should remain how you set it up.

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