How to set up PopTrayU

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How to set up PopTrayU

Post by homaquebec » Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:54 pm

Here's how to set up PopTrayU

First, download and install the most recent version of the application:

At the beginning of the installation, the recommended settings are for single user.

Once the installation is finished, select the five options by default. Note that the "Sounds" are in a sub-directory of PopTrayU directory.

To set up an account, open PopTrayU in full screen and click on the Accounts tab placed vertically on the right.

In the toolbar, click the New Account button.

Account name: Replace the expression NoName by the name you wish to give to your account. This is usually the name of your ISP but you can choose any name that you easily recognize.

Check the Enabled box.

Server: This is the identification of the incoming mail server. This information is given to you by your Internet service provider. You can also find it in the setting of your email client.

Protocol: This information is also given you by your ISP. This is typically POP3. You can also find it in the setting of your email client.

Port: This information is automatically registered (usually, it is 110).

Username: This is the username assigned by your Internet service provider. This information can also be found in the setting of your email client.

Password: This is the password assigned to you by your Internet service provider. It is not possible to find it in the setting of your email client since the letters and numbers are replaced by asterisks.

Color: Here you choose the color of the icon that will appear in the system tray when PopTrayU checks this account. The icon that will indicate the arrival of e-mails in this account will also be this color.

Email client: If you want to use your default email client, do not write anything. If you want to use another email client, specify its path by clicking the button that appears. Whatever is your choice, after clicking, at the bottom, the Save button, click the Test button to see if your email client is correctly set up.

Sound: If you want to use a sound other than the one you selected in the default options to indicate the arrival of new email, you have to specify the location. Then click the Save button and then the Test button.

Frequency of verification email: You can now select a frequency to check or choose never to automatically verify your email by clicking on the button Never.

Once all information is entered, click the Save button and at the top of the window, click the Test Account button. In an information window, you should normally see, among others, the following expression: Successful connection. If this is not the case, review point by point the items on this page and, if necessary, change them until you have confirmation that your account is set up.

If necessary, configure your other POP accounts the same way.

After clicking the Save button, on different tabs, you can choose the options that you want to enable or desable or customize the way you want.

To check if everything is fine, send you a message and see if PopTrayU notifies you at the arrival of a new message, if you hear the sound, can preview a message and can launch the email client.

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