PopTray 1.50 (beta 21) released

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PopTray 1.50 (beta 21) released

Post by Renier » Sat Jan 05, 2002 12:42 pm


Stop button to disconnect while checking.
While connecting or checking on the POP3 server, a small stop button will appear. Clicking this button will gracefully disconnect from the server and stop the current checking. This is basically the same a pressing the ESC button while connected.

Some cosmetic changes.
* Changed Accounts tab to also use toolbar at top and Save/Cancel button at the bottom.
* Changed some EditBox widths
* Aligned all Save/Cancel buttons
* Move Hot-Keys to another Tab

Changed to 4 generic HotKeys.
Removed the "Check All" Hot-Key and the Mouse Button Hot-Keys and replaced them with 4 generic Hot-Key to perform any of the actions.

Cancel button for Saving Accounts.
While editing an account you can click "Cancel" to return to the last saved version of the account.

Hopefully this is the last 1.5 beta...

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