Question about an existing rule.

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Question about an existing rule.

Post by Irmax » Mon Jun 21, 2004 6:58 pm


I'm a big fan of PopTray since version 2.00 and I'm very glad with RegExpr in the rules-section.
I'm trying to make good, sound rules with and without RegExpr, but I think I've got a little problem with RegExpr.
Could someone take a look at the following rule, I have a feeling that it doesn't work as I think it should!

Rulename = "sex"
Subject > RegExpr > ((sex[^y]|porn|blow[^i]).*)+

....Body > RegExpr > ((sex[^y]|porn|blow[^i]).*)+

Actions = checked:
Mark as Spam
Ignore (don't notify)
Log rule
Play Sound
Tray Color

Even e-mails from the dutch site and the Lavasoft-site for Reference File Notification
are marked in the log with the rulename "sex".

What's wrong in the above expression?

(BTW, I'm using the very last version of PopTray: v3.10-beta6)  
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Post by Borgtex » Mon Jun 21, 2004 8:35 pm

maybe because it reacts with false positives like "Essex", "Blow-fish" or the messages contain that words (the name of a virus, i.e.)

also, the regexp is formally correct, but it doesn't makes too much sense the ".*)+" part, as it doesn't really matters if there is more than one of that words: the rule will already give a positive result with the first one

Maybe you can try with this one (still not perfect, however):


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