please, help!!!

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please, help!!!

Post by federica » Sat Jul 03, 2004 3:43 pm

Hi! Sorry for my bad english but I'm Italian. I need help: I've created a new account with PopTray but the program doesn't recognize as correct passwod/username ("connect error: bad password/username")...but they are correct! when I use them to search for new mail from katamail site, it works correctly...I don't know what to do! Please help me. Thank you! :)

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Post by Rdsok » Sat Jul 03, 2004 6:51 pm


Here are a few tips, there are only 5 things that you must put in correctly on the account page so there is little chance of error. After I go over the basics for PopTray, I'll list some information about other programs that can affect it.

Basic background information. PopTray only works with a few types of email servers. The most common (and default for Poptray) is POP3, this is probably what you will use but check with your email provider to be certain. It also supports APOP, IMAP, IMAP w/SSL types of email servers using plugins. If you need one of the last ones you will need to install the plugin first.

On the accounts page the following has to be correct or nothing will work. Also remember that most of the time what you type in is case sensitive, and you need to turn off your 'CAPS' Lock key. Look at your email program and see what the setting for the following are and make them the same.

1. Server, this is your email server usually named something like '' or something. Your email provider can give you this info.

2. Protocol, this is usually POP3, Port is part of this, default for POP3 is 110.

3. Login, you say this is correct already, just double check the spelling, the case of the characters, and that the periods aren't comma's by accident etc.

4. Password, the same goes for this as the last one.

That should cover the basics for PopTray. The next part covers other types of programs that may affect the way PopTray would work.

Firewall programs, these types of programs block access to and from the internet, if you have one, temporarily test Poptray with it turned off to see if this is the problem. Be sure to turn it back on after testing.

AntiVirus Programs, check the instructions for the type you may have to see how it works with email programs, different ones use different methods. If you can, temporarily turn off, or look at its instructions on how to setup an email program to work with it.

Spam Filter Programs, like the antivirus, each of these programs are setup differently, either turn off for testing purposes or look at the instructions on setting up an email program to work with it.

That should be basically it. If you have the 5 areas in Poptray setup correctly, and the 3 types of programs aren't affecting you, you should be able to get PopTray to work.

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Post by ilNebbioso » Wed Aug 18, 2004 2:35 pm

Federica, use the following parameters:
* pop3 server: or
* username: <username>

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