Plug-in problem. I think . . .

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Plug-in problem. I think . . .

Post by wraaven » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:13 pm

Okay, I have a strange problem. I am using Eudora as my email client. The university I’m working with requires STARTTLS to both send and receive. No problem there. However, Pop Tray is causing something weird to happen. I had to use the POP3 SSL plug-in to scan email at the source and to delete the usual unwanted junk before downloading.

Now, here’s the problem: when I click on “Run email Client” I’m taken to Eudora as usual. I download the emails and that’s when the problem happens. Eudora indicates it’s waiting for emails to appear. Minutes pass and still nothing happens. If I shut down Eudora and then reopen it, the emails are there, waiting to be read. Here’s the other half of the problem: If I shut down Pop Tray and just go directly to Eudora, the emails are downloaded and appear instantly. For some reason which escapes me, Pop Tray seems to be acting as a barrier.

Any suggestions, any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,


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