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How do I see *all* of the headers?

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:54 pm
by Vanguard
When I preview a mail item listed in PopTray 3.1, it downloads the mail (everytime instead of using a cached copy if viewed before). Okay, so where are ALL of the headers? All I see in the Preview mode are the useless headers when attempting to define spam filters. I need to see what headers were added by SPF, SpamPal, the Received headers, and others to define decent anti-spam filters. In Magic Mail Monitor, I can see all the headers. In PopTray, all I see are From, To, Date, and Subject. That means I have to save the message or load it into my e-mail client before I can see what all headers are in the message and then go back to PopTray to define a rule over there. A lot of work bouncing around simply because PopTray refuses to show me ALL of the *raw* message. Raw to me means that I see it all, not just the body. Just the body is NOT the raw message. Remember that the headers AND body are ALL of the message.

I like PopTray but it keeps missing the target on this *raw* view. Raw should show the complete message without any HTML rendering (so HTML just is a bunch of tags).

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:23 pm
by KY Dave
I believe PopTray functions EXACTLY like you describe wanting it to function.

When you PREVIEW a message, at the bottom of the PREVIEW Pane, are two tabs, BODY and RAW, when you click on RAW you see everything exactly as you described.

While PREVIEWing a message, try clicking on the RAW TAB to see the info you desire.

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:09 am
by Rdsok
I'm like KY Dave... I think the only one that "keeps missing the target" is you... the RAW only shows the raw message complete as its retrieved from the server... Poptray never renders HTML in either mode

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 5:05 am
by Vanguard
I had uninstalled PopTray. After reading the replies here, I installed it again. The problem with the first install was that all I could use was the Raw tab panel but it wasn't showing the raw data for the message. I couldn't switch between Body and Raw, it was stuck on Raw, but what I saw was only the Body. After the second install, now I can switch between Body and Raw, and Raw now shows the headers and not just the body.

However, now in the second install, I'm getting lots of errors from the program. "Unable to retrieve message. Uneven size in DecodeToStream". "Unable to retrieve message. Max line length exceeded." No problems retrieving and viewing in Magic Mail Monitor. There was also a runtime error in PopTray but I forgot to record it.

So the second install got rid of getting stuck with only the Raw tab being accessible (but showing what the Body tab shows now in the second install) but now I have to figure out why all the errors in retrieving the messages.

I also noticed PopTray does a whole new retrieve of a message when I want to view it again. That is, PopTray doesn't keep a cached copy. That means on reviewing a message that the Bayesian filter gets yet another copy of the message and that can screw up the spam/ham weighting in the Bayes database. Reviewing a message also takes longer because I have to yank another copy again. For now, that's just a nuisance and I'll have to first work on all the errors in PopTray when attempting to retrieve a message to view it.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 6:38 am
by Vanguard
I found the cause of the "max line length exceeded" error in PopTray. I have my resume over at (America Job Bank) and then send out a daily notice of jobs that matched my search criteria. Their e-mails have lines that are 1024 characters long. They are all exactly 1024 characters long so it appears they are using a buffer to write a line that is 1024 characters big.

RFC 2822 (, section 2.2.1, says that the maximum length for a line is 998 characters, so AJB is violating the RFC. However, Magic Mail Monitor, Outlook Express, and Outlook do not have problems in retrieving and displaying the AJB mails.

I can enable the Ignore Retrieve Errors option in PopTray but all that does is eliminate the error popup. PopTray will still NOT retrieve the message so I cannot view it inside of PopTray.

I was going to watch the commands that PopTray sends to the POP3 mail host (and also the commands it sends to the SMTP mail host) but I see no option in PopTray to let me see all the commands (and data) sent between it and the mail host.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 6:59 am
by Vanguard
I think I found why PopTray was issuing its "Uneven size in DecodeToStream" error message. The message was spam with a MIME part containing a GIF file encoded using Base64. It was 8,407 characters long so it isn't a multiple of 4 octets (which I saw in another post here is the expected modulo).

I can enable the "Ignore retrieve errors" option which will eliminate the error popup from PopTray. The mail can be retrieved but PopTray defaults to selecting the Body panel which is blank. Switching to the Raw panel shows the message. Since Magic Mail Monitor only displays raw data, I wouldn't see the problem there. Unfortunately the mail had been added to the DNSBLs by the time I yanked it into Outlook so I can't tell if Outlook would've rendered okay the Base64 MIME part with the .gif file.

Is there any way to make PopTray *not* display its Body panel to eliminate the errors it has when it cannot figure out how to render the message? Just having the Raw panel alone is fine with me.

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2006 8:11 am
by mpot
Vanguard wrote:I think I found why PopTray was issuing its "Uneven size in DecodeToStream" error message. The message was spam with a MIME part containing a GIF file encoded using Base64. It was 8,407 characters long so it isn't a multiple of 4 octets (which I saw in another post here is the expected modulo).
That issue is fixed in 3.2 beta 4.