Apparently PopTray has become bugged!

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Apparently PopTray has become bugged!

Post by ratchet » Fri Apr 13, 2007 12:44 am

I've been using PT since at least 1/06, since that is when I joined the forum. It has performed flawlessly all these months (years). Although I'm connected to the internet via cable, since I returned home from work today I am continuously (enabled to check for mail every five minutes) receiving "Connection Error - Temporary Error", even though all other apps that require internet connection seem to be working fine. Manually it works and I checked my firewall and that isn't the issue. I also rebooted to no avail. My system is Windows XP and PopTray 3.2. and I don't use any anti-spams. Any theories? Can I just reinstall without losing my black list? Thank You!

p.s. You are going to think I'm crazy! This problem had been going on for over two hours (trust me I had a perfect connection during this period) and now PT seems to be working great!

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Post by KY Dave » Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:53 am

It isn't just the PopTray program on your machine that has to function correctly.

Something could have happened to the mail server's connection or their system's hard drives, or they might have needed to shut it down to reboot for a OS update or upgrade or any number of other problems.

Yes, you can re-install PopTray without losing your settings or your WHITE/BLACK Lists...

BUT, I suggest you read and follow the directions in the thread linked below, even if you don't re-install...

KY Dave

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