Non-Whitelist as Spam vs. Delete

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Non-Whitelist as Spam vs. Delete

Post by gracie » Sat Jun 28, 2008 7:59 pm

I originally posted this as a question, but discovered the answer the "let me try this and see" way ;), and thought it might help someone. The help file indicates that putting addresses on your whitelist keeps them from being deleted even if a rule otherwise specifies deletion. But what if you make a rule not to delete but to mark as spam all mail to a certain account, and then whitelist a few addresses? Would they NOT be marked as spam? And the answer is YES, despite that not being documented in the help file.

So if there are only a few senders you want to whitelist for a certain account, you can set a rule to mark everything to that account as spam, whitelist the few senders, and they will stand out and not marked as spam. For some, this may be safer than just deleting all mail not from a whitelisted sender. HTH.

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