Error 10053 Observation

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Error 10053 Observation

Post by rrascal3 » Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:50 pm

Wanted to post an observation. I was getting this error in PopTray when accessing a free Yahoo email account.

Error Connection 10053. Software caused connection abort.

This was happening more frequently yet not always. At the same time, Outlook Express had problems downloading from that account. My Internet surfing experienced delays/hangs due to the numerous re-attempts to check this mail account. I verified my YPops and FreePops settings and my Outlook Express settings. Nothing had changed. Plus, as I said earlier, the problem did not happen all the time.
At first, I thought Skype was the cuplrit. It runs constantly and is set to accept webcam feeds on certain calls. Turning off Skype or the webcam feature did not help. Then I tried with and without Trillian instant messaging. Still no change.
Finally, I noticed the error occurred on one Yahoo email account but not on another. When I signed into Yahoo mail, I noticed the troubled account had a checkmark next to "Keep my signed in". The other account did not have this feature checked. After playing around with this option, I noticed that the connection error went away if I removed the checkmark and signed off from the account (rather than just closing the browser window). In fact, the problem dissipated in both PopTray and OE and has not returned. And, major bonus, I no longer get those hiccups in response time while surfing the net.

So, if you are receiving the Error 10053 message, you might want to check if you are still signed on in your Yahoo account.

(Tested on Windows XP. I have not tested on any other OP system)


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