Difference Entre Delete Et Delete Spam Messages ?

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Difference Entre Delete Et Delete Spam Messages ?

Post by shurimano » Wed May 09, 2018 11:19 am

You can answer in English, I understand it much more I can translate.

J'utilise pop tray depuis au moins 2 ans et encore maintenant en amont de Mozilla Thunderbird et c'est la premiedre fois que je me pose cette question.
Les messages que j'accepte et lis je les effa ce ensuite avec Delete.
Les messages refuses et que je ne lis pas je les identifie comme spam et ensuite je supprime les messages de spam.
Pourquoi 2 façons d'effacer ? Poptray n'a pas d'apprentissage du spam, pas de filtre bayesien et pas de connection aux listes noires. Effacer en spam ou bien effacer en messages acceptes je ne vois pas la différence.

I have used pop tray for at least 2 years and still now with Mozilla Thunderbird and I need an answer about this :
1° Messages I accept and read = I delete them with Delete.
2° Messages I refuse and do not read = I mark them as Spam and delete "spam messages".
Why 2 ways of erasing? Poptray does not have training about spams neither bayesian filter and neither remote black list server.

What the difference between this 2 ways of deleting ?


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Re: Difference Entre Delete Et Delete Spam Messages ?

Post by Rdsok » Wed May 09, 2018 5:15 pm

This forum is English only... so that is how I will respond. Please refrain from using other languages in the forum itself so more people will understand... of course you are welcome to use other languages in private messages with other users if you wish.

Poptray ( which is no longer supported because it only supports up to WinXP ) and PoptrayU ( works with up to Win10) both work directly with the email servers you have them setup for. It doesn't matter what email client ( like Thunderbird ) that you have or even if you don't have one.

If you go through your email list and mark several emails as spam or if they are marked as spam by a rule or blacklist... when you click Delete Spam... it takes all of those same emails and marks them for deletion. Then depending on your setting in Options->Intervals it will either delete them immediately or on the next email check.

The delete button deletes them immediately or on the next email check ( according to the setting ) one at a time or as a group if you've selected several at a time.

You can choose whatever method that works best for you.

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