Hi All! PopTray & K9 : Why Marking *[Spam][... Did Not Work

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Hi All! PopTray & K9 : Why Marking *[Spam][... Did Not Work

Post by pizzahut » Tue Jun 09, 2020 5:42 am

When I bought my new Dell computer (with Windows XP), I installed PopTray and set up new rules.

I use PopTray with K9 and, in the Set up tab of K9, I have the option "Adding marker - [Spam] - to the Start of the Subject line" enabled.

I created two rules related to the filtering of messages having been identified as spam by K9, one to Delete messages from the server and one to Mark as Spam.

Without giving all the details of the rules (but I use these three parameters: Subject, Wildcard, Text), I just want to say that if in the rules, I write, in the Text window *[Spam][..., the rules do not work but if I write [Spam][... the rules work perfectly well.

So, to have spam messages deleted from the server, I have this rule:



+ two more lines for [Spam][9*], [Spam][8*] in the Text window.

And to have spam messages being marked as spam, I have this rule:



+ one more line for [Spam][6*] in the Text window.

I was wrongdoer since after having followed Dave's indications, I wrote *[Spam][... in the Text window with Subject in the Part window instead of using Header in the Part window as Dave wrote in this sticky post.

Conclusion : one must be very careful whe he sets up K9 and writes rules in PopTray to filter spam. And to be sure that everything is OK, you can test your rules by sending you five different messages with this text as subject: [Spam][100%], [Spam][93%], [Spam][88%], [Spam][73%], [Spam][64%]. When checked by PopTray, the three first ones should be deleted from the server and the two last ones should be marked as spam. K9 marks a message as being 100% spam if the sender of the message is in the blacklist of K9.

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