PopTray 1.50 (beta 17) released

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PopTray 1.50 (beta 17) released

Post by Renier » Fri Dec 28, 2001 3:24 pm


Animate TrayIcon to display messages in each Account.
A frequently requested feature. PopTray will cycle the TrayIcon to show the number of messages in each account, using the account's color as background color.

Show New Messages.
New message (since the last check) will be indicated with a different icon (if "Viewed Messages Icon" option is on) .

Ctrl-A select all messages.
Keyboard short-cut to select all messages in the list.

Better detections of new messages.
I now mark every message so I can determine whether a new message arrives.

Better detection of viewed messages (per account).
Only mark a message as viewed if you have viewed that account tab.

Show Info dialog to the front.
The Show Info dialog (on Win9x and WinNT) will now have focus and be brought to the front.

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