PopTray 1.50 (beta 18) released

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PopTray 1.50 (beta 18) released

Post by Renier » Mon Dec 31, 2001 2:54 pm


New "To" column.
Some people have requested to see the "to" field too. If you don't want to see it, you can always switch it off. Also note that with the new column added, your saved column sizes will change the first time you run PopTray. Just resize them again.

Show/Hide columns.
By right-clicking on the column headers you can show/hide any column.

Don't allow to check while busy checking.
To prevent errors by clicking the check button too fast.

Better Large Fonts support.
Not perfect, but everything should fit on the screen in large fonts now.

Animation fixed for only one account.
Beta 17 broke the normal flashing animation. Fixed again.

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