PopTray 1.50 (beta 19) released

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PopTray 1.50 (beta 19) released

Post by Renier » Wed Jan 02, 2002 11:59 am


Hot-Keys for mouse actions.
Now you assign a system-wide hot-key to each of the different mouse-clicks to perform the corresponding mouse-action.

Changed default save format to *.EML
When you save a preview message, the default filetype will be set to Outlook Express (*.EML) messages.

Changed text: Animated for Accounts to Rotating Icon.
The two animated options sounded confusing, so I changed the second option to be called "Rotate Icon for each Account".

Bugs Fixed

Date Sorting fixed.
Sorting by date, in the Mail List, tried to sort using the internal MessageID's (this was broken in beta 18 by adding the extra column).

SystemHotKey with Stay On Top fixed.
When using the "Stay on Top" option, the system hot-key stopped working.

Animated, Rotating TrayIcon with only one account.
When using "Animated TrayIcon" together with "Rotating Icon for each Account", and you had mail in only one account, the TrayIcon didn't flash.

Delete Rule still showed the deleted message.
When a message was deleted by a rule, the message still appeared in the list (broken in beta 18).

Delete Rule gave error "Still Busy Checking".
When a message was deleted by a rule, PopTray gave the error: "Error: Still Busy Checking" (broken in beta 18).

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