PopTray 1.50 (beta 20) released

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PopTray 1.50 (beta 20) released

Post by Renier » Fri Jan 04, 2002 12:42 pm


Test Sound buttons on Accounts and Rules.
Just a little button to quickly hear what your selected WAV file sounds like.

Faster loading of rules.
Speeded up the loading of rules, by caching them in memory. This should be about 50 times faster to load the rules, which will speed-up startup time if you have hundreds of rules.

Bugs Fixed

Delete Confirmation showed incorrect Subject.
The delete confirmation dialog, showed the "To" field instead of the Subject. (broken in beta 18).

"To:" address without space between name and address.
If there is no space between the name and email address (bug on sender's side actually), then it showed incorectly in the Mail List.

Vertical Tab Captions on Win95.
On Windows 95 the vertical tabs on the right-hand side didn't show the text captions. Hopefully this is fixed, but since I don't have Win95, I can't test it. Please let me know if it works on Win95.

Invalid Dates: show original text.
When an e-mail contains the incorrect date format (bug in sending software), PopTray showed 1899/01/01 as date. Now it just shows the original incorrect text.

E-Mail Client Icon when in Quotes.
If you specified the E-Mail client using double quotes ("), the "Run E-Mail Client" button didn't show the program's icon.

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