Close of Message Window Button is Deselected - Bug?

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Close of Message Window Button is Deselected - Bug?

Post by Muad'Dib » Mon Apr 19, 2004 3:41 am

When I preview the body of a message, hitting ENTER is the same as clicking the "OK" button and it closes the preview window - so far so good.

However, if I click within the body of the message (possibly to highlight some text for a copy/paste), the "OK" button loses its default value, and hitting ENTER does nothing.

This isn't that hard to understand, but for some reason it seems counterintuitive to normal Windows behavior. Maybe it's because there are no other buttons (so nothing else becomes the default), but I keep assuming that hitting ENTER will close the preview window, but it doesn't.

Does this follow typical Windows behavior? And if there isn't a standard in this case, is there a functional reason why the "OK" button should be de-selected when you click in the body of the message? In other words, once you click within the message, are there times when you want something else to happen (and it does) when you hit ENTER besides closing the preview?

Because so far, the only thing I ever see happening is either closing the window or nothing, and if that's the case, put the ENTER key back to work. We shouldn't tolerate it doing nothing!
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Post by vitoco » Mon Apr 19, 2004 5:05 am

As I can see, there is no bug the way you described it, because the focus is by default over the OK button, where you cannot scroll the windows message unless you change the focus by clicking in the text area.

What it is really annoying, is the fact that if you press an arrow key once while the focus is over the OK button, you will loose the focus until you press it again, like a toggle. While the focus is not over the botton, pressing enter will not close the preview window. Then, where is the focus?

And another: you can press tab to move between the OK button and the header and body of the message. If you press enter while in the header, it will close the window, but not while in the message body.

Another one: If you get into the message body using tab key, you can move around it using the keys, for example to select and copy text, but the cursor is at the end of the text by default, so it will scroll if the message is long. I think it should be at the beginning by default,

And the last one: Is it possible to get to the Toolbar using the keyboard. I tried the Alt ket, but it is used to toggle between the preview and main window.

What I'm sure is that enter should not close the window, unless the focus is over OK button.


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Post by Renier » Mon Apr 19, 2004 9:32 am

The ESC button will close the window wherever your focus is.


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