Backup PopTray's INI Files to Avoid Problems

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Backup PopTray's INI Files to Avoid Problems

Post by KY Dave » Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:08 am

Sometimes when Windows has an unexpected exit or shutdown, PopTray doesn't have time to write the Poptray.ini file to the hard disk. This may cause the file to become corrupted and can be a reason for loss of the data.

For a user to avoid having to re-enter their account data, settings, lists and rules, a few files should be copied to another directory.

My suggestion is to CREATE a BACKUP Directory in PopTray's Directory and COPY and PASTE those files to that location.

The files that should be copied and pasted to the Backup Directory are:
  • PopTray.ini
  • Rules.ini
  • PopTray.customize (if present)
  • WhiteList.ptdat (if present)
  • BlackList.ptdat (if present)
Then if you experience the problem described above, you can QUIT PopTray, COPY the backup files and PASTE to the current PopTray Directory, then RESTART PopTray.

Anytime you change a RULE, a setting, change the WHITE/BLACK Lists or add/delete an account then COPY and PASTE your relevant files to the Backup Directory overwriting the old files.
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