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3.2beta5 Sound played on error message

Posted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 6:14 pm
by ilNebbioso
I have two different account, which I both configured in order to play sounds on new messages.

For some trouble with the email client, both accounts were locked. So, checking with PopTray, I correctly receive the "Error during connection. Unable to log on. Only one connection to a mailbox permitted at a time".

The point is that for one account PopTray plays the sounds like I received a new message at each check, while it correctly doesn't with the other.

This is while I have the mailboxes locked. Normally they're ok.

Both accounts are on the same server (MailEnable Standard 1.96) and are configured at the same way. The differences are:
- the file played (both .wav)
- the "sounds" account checks each 8 minutes, the "nosound" account each 3.