Quick Check Causes Mixing Of Email In Preview

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Quick Check Causes Mixing Of Email In Preview

Post by KY Dave » Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:04 pm

Renier wrote:PopTray doesn't re-download the mail headers when quick checking is on, since it assumes the mail message with the same ID is still the same message.

Holding down the shift button while doing a manual check, also does a full check instead of a quick check.
It has been determined that using the QUICK CHECK feature in PopTray can cause the mixing up of emails that are PREVIEWED on NON-STANDARDS COMPLIANT POP3 email servers.

To avoid the problem, in PopTray on the OPTIONS TAB, ADVANCED OPTIONS, unCHECK the box for ENABLE QUICK CHECKING.

Also, on the OPTIONS TAB, MISCELLANEOUS check the box for "SAFE DELETE (Using UIDL)

SAVE OPTIONS, QUIT PopTray and RESTART PopTray for changes to take effect.

On STANDARDS COMPLIANT POP3 email servers, Quick Checking should not be a problem because the email servers should keep the same email ID for each email that you recieve.
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