After Windows Explorer restarts, no taskbar Icon

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After Windows Explorer restarts, no taskbar Icon

Post by BobFrantic » Thu Apr 10, 2008 2:35 pm

:?: I have had trouble with getting the program to minimize to task bar after Windows Explorer restarts in Vista. The only way I can get it to come back is to reinstall the program. Anyone else experiencing this and have found a fix?

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Post by Rdsok » Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:15 am

The only time that Explorer should be restarting is after a system crash... the only way to "fix" that type of issue is to stop whatever was the cause of the crash to start with.

Since my Vista isn't crashing, all I could do to try to simulate the issue was to use the Task Manager to end the Explorer process and then restart it afterword... it didn't result in the same issue with Poptray as you reported so there is more going on in your crash than just Explorer restarting.

Perhaps some of the following may help you isolate the cause of the crash...

Test your system memory. Download Memtest86+ from and follow their instructions on creating a boot disk. Let the test run until one or two passes complete.

Check for overheat issues... look in the system for excessive dust or system fans that may need replaced or cleaned.

While checking in the system... look at the capacitors to see if they are bulging or leaking. Either would indicate the motherboard needs replaced and may soon fail.

That should cover some basic hardware issues... its still possible that other hardware can also cause issues but those are the common ones.

Some software directions...

Vista is still not a solid OS by any means... it is what it is but you can help make it better by making certain you have all of the updates available installed. I'd start by installing it's SP1 update and then whatever else is available after that.

First let's start by cleaning up all temporary files and check for registry issues. I prefer a util called CCleaner found at which does an even better job than the Windows Disk Cleanup and it also can check for registry issues. When checking for registry issues, run it about 3-4 times until it lists no other issues.

Check your hard drive for file/system errors by running chkdsk. Open My Computer and right click on Local Disk C: selecting Properties, click the Tools tab and in the Error Checking area click the "Check now" button and select both options. It will tell you that it can't test the drive right now and it will ask if you want to schedule it for the next system startup... select Yes. Restart your computer so that it can check the drive. This test will take some time to run and at times may appear stalled but just let it run.

Follow up all of that with a full Defrag to ensure the best performance you can of the system.

If you are still experiencing crashes... start looking at any and all of the programs you have running... disable them one at a time to see if you can isolate which one may be causing the crash. Also check for program updates that may help in this area.


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