Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Post by KY Dave » Fri Jan 06, 2006 11:45 pm

Dell provided details of several upcoming products, including the SPX 600 Renegade gaming PC. The "limited edition" system has a red and yellow flame design on the cabinet, and boasts the most powerful processors ever used in a Dell PC, he said.

The Renegade will use a 4.26 GHz dual-core Extreme Edition Pentium processor and, for the first time, Dell will use four NVIDIA NForce graphics processors in a PC. Previous generation Dell gaming PCs have used only two graphics processors. The resulting system will have 5.2 teraflops of total computing power, which would rank 70th in the current top 500 supercomputing list.

Dell did not provide pricing or availability details at the conference, and none are currently available on the Dell Web site.

Also introduced was a 30-inch widescreen monitor providing 1.4 million pixel resolution, or about twice the resolution of a typical high-definition television, Dell said. The company will continue to expand it reach into LCD and flat panel televisions "as a natural extension of our business," he said.

Another offering that has yet to be fully productized is a laptop computer with 20-inch display and detachable keyboard. The display has eight speakers with sub-woofers, "allowing you to take your theater with you," Dell said. The system is finished with a "leather-like" surface and folds in briefcase style for carrying.

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