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KY Dave question

Post by sportman15 » Mon May 29, 2006 11:19 pm

KY Dave I have tryed freepops forum no answers to my questions can you answer it for me or tell a contact at freepops forum here is my question Can you tell me the features on Freepops. Will it notify me when new mail comes in and any other features it may use.

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Post by KY Dave » Mon May 29, 2006 11:29 pm

I read your post on the FreePOPs forum and they did answer your question.
on the FreePOPs Forum - Russells wrote:Lycos and gmail work with it. myway doesn't. FreePOPs is a pop server so you'll need another piece of software that acts as an indicator.
There are NO features in FreePOPs. It sets between your email client and the webmail server and translates the web page into a POP3 style that your email client can read. If your email client notifies you, that will be the only notification you get.

FreePOPs has NO options.

As I stated in the PM to you, I don't know anything about setting FreePOPs up on LINUX, also there aren't many LINUX users on the FreePOPs Forum, and that is probably the reason you aren't getting a lot of help.

My suggestions to you would be...

1. Look at and READ the FreePOPs Manual located at the url below...

2. Post on the FreePOPs Forum by starting a thread with the TOPIC like...

Then people that use Linux might see it and offer to help you. There's no guarantee though, because I only know of a couple of users that seem to know what they are doing in Linux that frequent that forum.
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