$US 19.95 a year for unlimited phone calls in America

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$US 19.95 a year for unlimited phone calls in America

Post by homaquebec » Sun Oct 07, 2007 4:13 pm

$US 19.95 a year for unlimited phone calls in America using a regular phone set

You plug your MagicJack in a USB port, you plug a regular phone set in MagicJack and you are ready to make and receive unlimited phone calls in America. The MagicJack has a real telephone jack on the side, letting you quickly bring almost any corded or cordless phone into the 21st century.

Local phone numbers are available in some communities (details later); this number can receive free incoming calls from around the world. There are also some features (like voicemail) included in the basic service.

You start by paying $US 39.95 (39,17 CAN$) for the jack and one year of subscription. One additional year of subscription costs $US 19.95 (19,56 CAN$).

The only but not the less problem is that if you do not live in a community where phone numbers ane available, persons, including the ones of your community who want to call you will have to make (and to pay for) long distance calls. The list of the communities where phone numbers are available is not on MagicJack web site but you can find it on the forum. But we can easely figure that MagicJack will be an important competitor to Skype. It also shows all the potential of VoIP.

All the details You can also visit http://forum.magicjack.com/forum/ for, among different subjects, the list of communities where phone numbers are available.

The New York Times Review

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