Spam and unsolicited text messages largely disappeared

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Spam and unsolicited text messages largely disappeared

Post by homaquebec » Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:31 pm

Under a law that took effect last July the first in Canada, it is forbidden to send someone email or text messages without his authorization.

Senders of such messages had two years to be prepared. Many have done that in the days before July. I received some of those requests. On television, I heard someone telling that before the law, he sent a newsletter to more than 3 000 people. When he asked the “subscribers” if they would accept to continue to receive his letter, less than 200 of them answered positively.

Of course, a company can still send emails to a person who is already a customer of this company. There are also some other exceptions.

According to statistics furnished by K9, the number of emails that I received since the first of July has halved but more than 50% of them are spam from outside Canada. We do not have statistics on the effects of the law but considering fines for offenses, they should show that such a law was necessary.

Companies or individuals who violate the new law face fines of up to 1 million dollars for an individual and 10 millions for a company.

We have to wait to see how contraventions will be handled.

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