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Popfile plugin

Post by Baksa » Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:48 am

I am using PopFile + PopTray for many years now and this combination is working excellent (Reiner thanks !). But occasionally PopFile misclassified some mail and I am to lazy to go in browser in PopFile UI to mark it as spam, I just mark it as spam in poptray UI.

Since I am delphi programmer I was going to write plugin for PopTray, idea is to react on "Mark as spam" command in PopTray and transfer this information to PopFile. I look at some examples and c++ framework but it seems that I can't do that from PopTray plugin, react on "Mark as spam" coomand from plugin.

Is there any chance to include in plugin procedures something like

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procedure SpamMark(const MsgID: string; IsSpam: boolean);


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