AOL E-Mail through IMAP Plug-in (And IMAP install info)

Writing and using PopTray plug-ins

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AOL E-Mail through IMAP Plug-in (And IMAP install info)

Post by EdrickV » Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:41 pm

You can access AOL E-mail using the IMAP plug-in and the server:

There is one vital piece of information that I couldn't find in any of the readme files or the help files for PopTray and that is how to install the plugin. Copy the DLL in the Binary\Release folder into a folder in PopTray called plugins. (You will have to create the folder yourself, it doesn't exist by default.)

Note that reading mail using the preview does not seem to affect the read status on the AOL side. E-mails makred read through AOL just won't show up because they're in a different folder. (Though I haven't tried all the various combinations of options. I do use Remember Viewed Messages though 'cause even my POP3 account seems to need it to tell which messages have been read and which haven't, probably because I don't normally use a POP3 client to read them.)


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