PopTray under Windows 7

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Edward Mendelson
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PopTray under Windows 7

Post by Edward Mendelson » Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:18 pm

Probably everyone knows this already, but here's a simple way to make sure PopTray runs under Windows 7. I started with an existing PopTray setup on my XP system, and copied its entire folder (from Program Files) to a convenient storage disk. In Windows 7, in my user folder, I created a folder named Programs, and copied the entire PopTray folder into it. It works perfectly; I added it to the startup group to run when Windows opens, and I used the "Customize" button on the taskbar tray to specify that the PopTray icon should always appear.

The only change I made in the setup was in the Options menu, where I selected the Windows 7 mail client as my default e-mail client.

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