Poptray RegExpr iterator problem.

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Poptray RegExpr iterator problem.

Post by Rdsok » Sat May 15, 2004 10:54 pm


There seems to be a problem or at least an inconsistancy with the way iterators are working in Poptray's use of regular expressions. Unless it is my understanding of the logic :D . I came across this trying to help Borgtex in this thread regexp rule doesnt work with this mesage in poptray .

The issue that I've found has to do with the differences the way the '*' and the statement '{0,}' (Borgtex was using {0,10} but the results are the same) seem to be acting for a group of items. Basically they both should mean (as I understand them) zero or more instances of an item or group.

Here are two examples that should be able to reproduce the problem.

Trying to use rules to catch say 'red <br> shoes'

(red|green|blue)(\s|&nbsp|<.*>)*(shoes|hat|shirt) - works
(red|green|blue)(\s|&nbsp|<.*>){0,}(shoes|hat|shirt) -- doesn't work

Using TestRExp from RegExp Studio to test both with, both get the same results. Using Poptray they don't. I've also used Expresso to test with and came up with the same results as with TestRExp. I played with the modifiers as well and they didn't seem to affect the results.



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