Spam email that contains a link

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Spam email that contains a link

Post by trananht1612 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:27 pm

Is there any way to designate all incoming emails containing links, as spam? All the spam emails I receive contain links. Obviously, there's no rule in PopTray for this, but I am just wondering ..
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Re: Spam email that contains a link

Post by Rdsok » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:14 pm

Of course there is but I'd strongly advise against using it since it'd also mark so many emails that are clearly not spam also because images and other files can also be linked in the emails... there are also other downsides beyond that.

Still, for arguments sake...

First make certain that in the Options-> Rules area you have the option to download the body enabled. Restart Poptray/PoptrayU ( if you change this option ). ( this option makes checking for new emails much slower since just reading the headers is a few bytes of data and reading a whole email is 100's if not more depending on what it contains )

Then make two new rules... select the standard stuff in the upper area ( accounts and whats needed as any row etc ) then in the area you define the rules at... add

For the Area - select body
Compare - select contains
Text - http://

next row

For the Area - select body
Compare - select contains
Text - https://

Then select the action you want the rule to perform like mark as spam etc.

Save the rule. Now any email with a link to anywhere on the internet, even when it isn't a spam, will be marked as spam ( or whatever action you selected ).

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